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Friday, June 5, 2020

Q2.2020 - Rakuten: Attractive Bet On Mobile

  • Rakuten is now officially the 4th telecom operator in Japan after SoftBank, NTT, and KDDI.
  • As a new entrant with no legacy debt, it has a competitive advantage, which allows leveraging the latest cloud-based virtual network technology from the start.
  • Rakuten has partnered with KDDI to launch an offering at 50% cheaper price than SoftBank and NTT. KDDI has a bleeding market share and will be very incentivized to win.
  • At 1x P/S, Rakuten is an attractive buy. The stock has received a lot of pressure in the last few years, potentially due to the volatile profit margins and perception of over-expansion.
  • Rakuten is still the largest eCommerce player in Japan by far. Core business still grows at +18%, while it also has enough scale and capital to enter virtually any market.

Rakuten (OTCPK:RKUNY) is the largest eCommerce company in Japan. At ¥1.3 trillion (~$12 billion) of revenue in 2019, it is roughly 8 times smaller than SoftBank (OTCPK:SFTBY). Given its success in eCommerce, the company has diversified its business by expanding into fintech, media, logistics, and more through M&As, organic, and also minority investments in the last decade. Despite consolidated revenue consistently growing at +15% and even accelerating to ~18% in recent times, net income and ROE have been quite volatile.

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